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ambra is an European, technical Company, fully dedicated to the distribution of thermoplastics, based on long term relationship with international Principals, and focus on polymer specialties.




Primacolor has 4000 color formulations (several on RAL or Pantone) and standard additive masterbatches for all applications, from  all type of extrusions to blow or injection moulding. Available on all main polyolefin and engineering polymer carriers.

Sipolprene® TPE block copolymer is used in sport and leisure application for  its mechanical, esthetic and sensorial properties

Very high transparency polymer for an optical application, with mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance in one product? Rilsan® Clear PA11 by Arkema. Also, Rilsan® Clear Rnew is 100% bio-based, transparent, lightweight and easy-to-process. A perfect hi- tech choice for sports goggles.

Pebax®, Rilsan® and Rilsamid® and NexisFibers PA6,10 and 6,12 long-chain polyamides are elective choice for sports shoes (running, ski, soccer, basketball, rugby), tennis rackets and skis. Arkema Evatane®, Lotryl® and Pebax® act as shock absorbers in sports shoesoles.

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