TPV Compound: a PVC compounder with an eye on sustainability

February 2022

TPV Compound is a leading producer of PVC Compounds in Europe, thanks to more than 60 years of experience.

TPV Compound has 3 different production plants in Italy with 80000 t of production Capacity.

Innovation is the passion of  the TPV Compound team.

Research and Development of new materials represents their point of excellence.


The partnership with TPV Compound is one of the secrets that allows Ambra to be innovative in offering solutions in all application sectors, from technical to medical applications.

Between cooperation with the whole Ambra team, TPV Compound is able to find quick and timely solutions, with a global approach in the PVC compound to offer new products and plan, opportunities for the future.


TPV compound formulate composite materials based on PVC resin:

  • medical, food contact, technical
  • impact resistant and UV resistant
  • resistant to heat, cold, insulating
  • sterilizable, antimicrobial
  • from organic sources, from recycled sources
  • rigid and plasticized
  • colored, transparent, X rays detectable



One way to get to a more sustainable product is the use of recycled polymers in your formulation. This is a growing trend in the plastic business. Up to now there was only little effort in the PVC market. Therefore, TPV Compound has recently launched one product for extrusion with 30 % guaranteed recycled content: 80 shore D GRZA 146 / K impact resistant.

Markets: extrusion of profiles, building & construction, furniture, design.

TPV Compound also offers customized products (color, additives, defined recycled content) and has the capability to organize a closed-loop solution for your product.


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