Orevac® T

Terpolymer of Ethylene, Vinylacetate and Maleic Anhydride (MAH)

Product Range

Orevac® T is a random terpolymer of ethylene, vinyl acetate and maleic anhydride made by high-pressure radicalar polymerization process. As an ethylene copolymer, Orevac® T is compatible with PE in all proportions, and with most other ethylene copolymers. Vinyl acetate brings softness, flexibility and polarity, maleic anhydride gives reactivity, leading to versatile adhesive properties to polar and non polar substrates.

As a result of high-pressure polymerisation in tubular reactor, Orevac® T exhibits high transparency (low haze).



Flexible packaging

Multilayer blown films and cast films are mainly used in packaging applications.


Blown film

Multilayer blown film are used in packaging applications such as modified atmosphere packaging, shrinkable films, barrier lidding films and vacuum bags.

Orevac® tie resins simplify your production process and improve end-product performances due to the improvement of blown film productivity.

Recommended Orevac® grades: 9304, 9318


Multilayer tubes and pipes

Orevac® extrudable adhesives resins are used to provide the most reliable and highest quality bonding of:

  • PE materials towards metals or polar materials for coextruded multilayer barrier and composite pipe applications.
  • Up to 90°C, Orevac® resins gives superior bonding, offering greater reliability and a longer services life for hot water uses.

The structure PEX / Aluminium or EVOH are suitable for floor heating tubes which prevent the oxidation of heating equipment. Specific Orevac® adhesive resins have been designed to reach high adhesion levels between PEX and EVOH or Aluminium and are suitable for the tube extrusion process.

The coextrusion of heating pipes with an Orevac® tie layer and a layer of EVOH makes it possible to reduce the diffusion of oxygen into the heating circuits, thus drastically reducing corrosion. In addition to their excellent adhesion, Orevac® polymers offer suitable heat resistance, providing a long heating tube life.

Recommended Orevac® grades: 9318


Pipe Coating

Heat shrinkable sleeves

Recommended Orevac® grades: 9317Y, 9305


Thermoadhesives films

Orevac® provides:

  • Adhesion
  • Tackiness – Polarity
  • Low Melting Temperature
  • Flexibility
  • Compatibility

Cars with interior cloth fabrics are more stylish and comfortable. Fabrics have to be supported by rigid structures both on doors and ceilings.

Using thermo-adhesive films is an easy and environmentally friendly way to bond fabrics to substrates such as composites or rigid foams.

Orevac® offer a wide range of grades suitable for different structures and usage conditions.

Recommended Orevac® grades: 9307Y, 9304, 9318




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