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Solutions for standard polyolefin carriers

Ambra guarantees a broad range of the main polyolefins which are used as carriers for the production of masterbatches, both in granules and powder form.

Arkema Evatane® high-content VA range is the elective carrier for high filling, low melting masterbatches for polyolefins, thermoplastic elastomers, foaming and PVC.

Lotryl® high-acrylate EMA and EBA are a performance alternative when thermal resistance, deep-freeze, or highly-filling properties are targeted.

Arkema Lotader® or Orevac® reactive polyolefins may be added in very difficult cases, when a chemical compatibilization is required in the masterbatch to achieve the desired loading.

Tailor-made EVA, EMA and EBA powders are available under the Ambra Powder tradename, with specific comonomer contents, melt flow index and particle size distribution, with the desired batch size.

EVA, EMA, EBA, PE, PP, PS spot special offers, slow-moving, off-specs from the most important producers worldwide are available at Speedy Polymers. Price competitive, fast, reliable, consistent.

Do not miss your chance to save money at comparable performance.

Case Study

Achieving some savings on standard EVA 20-20 powder

Opportunity: Customer was seeking from his suppliers a better price and a more flexible service for EVA 20-20 in powder form, but could not get it.


WANTED Arkema Evatane EVA or Lotryl EMA, EBA, but can only use in powder form?

Ambra provides you a full grinding service. A winning synergy

Carriers for engineering polymer applications

Solutions include Lotte Starex® ABS, MABS, Lotte Infino® PC and NexisFibers PA6.10 and 6.12.


Sipolprene® polyester block copolymer by Sipol is used for TPC-ET based thermoplastic elastomers.


Kureha KF Polymer® PVDF is used as highly purity, price-effective masterbatch carrier for fluoropolymer applications.


And if you can only use powders, ask Ambra for tailor-made grinding or micronization to your desired particle size distribution.


Case Study

A PC-based masterbatch for sheet extrusion

Opportunity: Customer needed to prepare a color formulation for sheets extrusion, based on PC.


Wanna increase your PET injection production rate?

Sipol Technipol® will give you an incredibly better performance than your usual PET carrier

Biodegradable polymers

With its 20,000 Ton/year capacity, Jinhui ZhaoLong is one of the largest worldwide producers of PBAT (polybutyrate-adipate-terephthalate) virgin resin. Ecoworld® PBAT is the main polymer component for the production of compounds for compostable bags and packaging, and it should be also used as the carrier resin for the corresponding color and additive masterbatches.

The new Sipol Technipol® range of biopolymers PolyButylene Adipate Terephthalate (PBAT), PolyButylene Sebacate and Polybutylene Succinate (PBS) find applications in the production of compostable compounds for injection moulding and extrusion.

For masterbatches which are both biodegradable AND biosourced, the Polybutylenesebacate Technipol® 70 contains already 60% of raw materials coming from renewable resources, and the content can be increased to 100% by using bio-1,4-butanediol (bioBDO).

Biopolymers in powder form with the desired particle size distribution are available within the Ambra Powder product range.


Are you afraid to develop PBAT-based masterbatch because of the lack of independent polymer supply?

Jinhui ZhaoLong Ecoworld® and Sipolprene Technipol® are your independent large source of PBAT for bags film extrusion and injection moulding, respectively

Reactive and performance masterbatches

The Arkema Orevac® and Lotader® functional polyolefin terpolymers are ideal for special reactive application, such as high adhesion, substrate modification, compatibilization, etc.

Ambra has also developed its Upgrade AS range, a proprietary anti-split additive thermoplastic granules for PP and PET straps, which can be further micronized, dispersed, blended and colored for your final masterbatch.

Case Study

A reactive masterbatch for PA fibers

Opportunity: Customer had troubles in compatibilizing his additives with PA fibers for synthetic turfs.


Ambra Upgrade AS2 for the production of anti-split masterbatches for rPET straps

Dreaming to make a masterbatch which always works, no matter how much polluted is the PET regrind of your customer? Ambra Upgrade AS2 has a high reactivity which makes it very versatile vs. pollution by polyolefins and minerals.

Available also in tailor-made powder form

Brasca and Polwax waxes

Brasca Abpolwax® PE, Oxidized PE, EVA and Fischer-Tropsch waxes, and Polwax Paraffins are commonly used during milling and mixing of organic and inorganic pigments and additives for the production of both pre-disperses and ready-to-use masterbatches to improve dispersion and flowing, decrease shear, ease processing, and increase loading of the pure pigment or additive.


Tailor-made wax blends

Ask Brasca for your tailor-made formulations – since 1946

Cleaning the extruder

A proper cleaning of extruders is crucial in masterbatch production. Switching from black to transparent is a common nightmare in the production of color masterbatches. But even worse is what you do not see, with the high chance of cross-contamination in additive masterbatches.

4clean range of 4Cleanpure® concentrated pure additives and 4Cleanmix® ready-to-use cleaning compounds have a well-documented record of success cases in the worst production switch cases. They are easy to use, quick, non-abrasive, very efficient on black specs, color, transparent and material change. NSF certified.

The increased cleaning efficiency will yield you a dramatical money savings by reducing the cleaning time, the amount of waste material, the amount of defective materials, the number of customer claims and requests for damages.

4cleanpure® can be mixed with all polymer resins available at Ambra portfolio, we will suggest you the most proper cleaning resin to be coupled with 4cleanpure®. For the less demanding applications, a further money saving is possible by using 4cleanpure® together with the special prime and off-specs offers available at Speedy Polymers.

Fully biodegradable version is also available with 4cleanpure® plus JinHui Zhaolong Ecoworld® PBAT.

Call us and submit us the cleaning issue which gives you the worst headaches. 4clean will transform your worst nightmares in sweet dreams.

Case Study

Reducing complaints, time, costs during color changes

Opportunity: A large manufacturer of both color and additive masterbatches, with very frequent changes of production, experienced important efficiency losses in terms of time and cost to clean the extruders manually.


Save money with 4clean

For the less demanding applications, you can still save further money by mixing 4cleanpure® together with your production scraps.


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