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Additivi e lubrificanti per olio

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Polymer additives

Arkema Evatane® EVA is used as rheology modifiers in lubricants and diathermic oils, as well as additives to decrease the pour point temperature of lubricants for Fuels, Oil & Gas transport. Indeed, distillate fuels and heating oils can solidify during transportation and storage due to their high paraffinic content.

When added to pour point depressant (PPD) formulations, Evatane® specific grades modify the paraffinic crystal structure allowing the oil to flows at much lower temperatures – with an average decrease up to 20-40°C for a few percentage decimal points content in the oil.


Wax pour point depressant

Paraffin wax deposition in diesel and kerosene oil, heating oil and lubricants, gas oil in pipelines can be effectively inhibited by depressing the pour point with Arkema Evatane® EVA.


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