The Company

Ambra is a bridge between producers and customers in thermoplastics processing


From the date of our birth in 2009, we steadily grew double-digit year by year, achieving 30+ million Euro sales in 2020 in Europe, Turkey and Northern Africa.


While enjoying the crucial contribution of our People during all those years, we still strictly adhere to our basic values and focuses since our foundation.


ambra is a European, technical distributor, fully dedicated to thermoplastics. Our long-term, strong technical partnerships with top-class international Principals, and our focus on technical business development are the key of our success.


With a top-level technical know-how, we provide Thermoplastic Solutions to our Customers. Let it be a tailor-made very high-value material, or a solution with the best trade-off on performance/cost ratio.


We ensure a continuous, accurate and transparent communication between our Customers and our Principals. Always a bridge, never a barrier.


A focused experience in Thermoplastic a tecnichal approach by Solutions


Quick, precise, trasparent communication by our enthusiastic team is our mantra


Fast, accurate and reliable deliveries, from Kilos to hundred Tons. Trust us


We know you have a competitive world out there, we help you saving your money





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The Values

Ambra is a development-oriented Company. We commit to create value for our Principals and for our Customers. For this reason, we first of all make big efforts in the continuous education of our People.

We adopted a cooperative, flat, lean Organization Model. If you could watch a time-lapse video of a whole day in Ambra, you would see an experienced, energetic and enthusiastic team continuously talking to each other, to our Principals and Customer, giving ideas, solving problems, making improvements.

Regardless where we are located in the whole Europe, Turkey or Northern Africa, we daily support each other to create Thermoplastic Solutions.

Our efforts and results on Total Quality and Continuous Improvement are only partially witnessed by both our ISO9001 certification, and our double-digit continuous growth.

Our long-term Partner Arkema also witnessed this by awarding us with their “Top Distributor 2016 Arkema Functional Polymers” prize.

We are a transparent, well-managed and financially solid Company. We firmly believes in ethical development, respectful of administrative transparency and fair competition. For this reason, we adopted a specific internal, certified, voluntary Model of Organization, Management and Control in accordance with the European directives for the legal and ethical compliance.

The adoption of this voluntary model is a further element to ensure the fulfillment of the values of lawfulness, fairness and transparency in the relationships with our stakeholders.



The History

A present of brilliant successes, an extraordinary future ahead of us.

Ambra was established in Italy in 2009 by the chemist and entrepreneur Danilo Santoro, supported by the life science industrial Roelmi® HPC Group.

Those were the boldest times which were ever seen in the history of plastics and rubbers, and many people were sceptical about a future for Ambra. In that “valley of tears” we forged our proactive attitude to technical development and flexible service, which are still today our distinguished features.

At that time Ambra mainly traded off-specs material – a business which is still ongoing and is today handled by the separate Speedy Polymers (www.speedypolymers.com) business unit. Ambra focused to develop in Italy the partnership with Arkema®, Brasca® and other suppliers.

While several companies were still focusing on the defence of their shrinking business, for the 2nd time Ambra took a reverse trend decision and launched its “Your Pan-European Supplier” 5years Business Plan, with the key-concept to develop and replicate new Solutions at European level.

In the period 2012-2016 we opened our local sales branches in Slovakia, Germany, Poland, France, Spain, and liaison office in Tunisia, covering almost the whole Europe and Northern Africa. Our historical Partners followed us, and reliable new Partners joined us: Lotte®, Mesgo®, Nexis Fibers®, Polwax®, 4clean®.

Later (2018) we completed our geographical expansion with the opening of UK and Turkey.

In 2016 we were very proud to be awarded as the “Top Distributor 2016 Arkema Functional Polymers”.

In 2017 Ambra launched its new slogan “Thermoplastic Solutions”, which translates into daily business our approach as Solutions providers by customers’ applications. During this period new reputed Partners are joining us DzBh New Materials®, Jinhui Zhaolong®, Kureha®, Mepol®, Poliblend®, Pollena Aroma®, Sipol®, mutually synergistic with our previous basket of Solutions.

Management buy-out and birth of Ambra in Italy

Launch of "Your Pan-European Supplier" Business Plan.

Opening in Slovakia and Germany

Opening in Poland

Opening in France and Spain; liaison branch in Tunisia.

Award "Top Distributor 2016 Arkema Functional Polymers"

Launch of "Thermoplastic Solutions" Business Plan

Opening in UK and Turkey

Switch to SAP Business One ERP + CRM system


Our People, Our Business

A flat, lean and efficient organization with a capillary diffusion in Europe, Turkey and Northern Africa


We care for our People. Our Sales Managers drive their cars every morning to support our Customers. With the help of the most modern communication means, our staff continuously talk to each other from Kielce to Barcelona, from Bristol to Istanbul, to guarantee great service.

Continuous Improvement, Continuous Education. Ambra never stops. We implemented a system of true Continuous Improvement. When asking to any of our People “Why are you doing it like that?”, the answer will never be “That’s how we always did”. Our People always proactively cooperate internally and with our Partners, to make improvements. We continuously re-invest all our earnings in increasing the number and the Continuous Education of our People, and in our support infrastructure.

Give us your Best Dream or your Worst Nightmare. We do technical sales. We approach by applications and by solutions. We do not only sell products, we give technical support. Our Sales Managers will ask you for your Best Dream or Worst Nightmare. In two words: Thermoplastic Solutions.

Capillary, Fast, Reliable, Flexible, Efficient, Flat, Lean. Ambra is today a true European Group. With no equals in thermoplastics business, we implemented an innovative, dynamic and flexible organization, which ensures:

  • capillary coverage and proximity to customers: our Sales Managers and Customer Services are located at our 8 sales branches and 1 liaison office, covering the whole Territory, daily visiting and supporting our Customer around Europe, Turkey and Northern Africa;
  • fast, reliable and flexible service: our 10 warehouses - strategically located - guarantee efficiency and flexibility, both for large and small volumes;
  • efficient, flat and lean organization: any other support function - from Buyer to Quality Assurance, from ICT to Accounting and Human Resources – is centralized on a virtual European platform; regardless where they are physically located in any of our offices, our People is giving support to the local branches adopting the most modern ICT infrastructure.

Thus, the virtuous combination of an European platform which supports the local Sales offices ensures the best service, while keeping structure costs at the bare minimum.

As a new milestone towards an ever improving service, on January 1st, 2019 Ambra will switch all operations to the SAP® Business One ERP + CRM platform.


The team

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