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Films for agriculture

Gas-barrier multi-layer films are used for mulch and silage. SK Evasin® EVOH may be used as a high-barrier, very effective and cost-saving solution in place or additionally to standard PA barrier. SK Orevac® grafted polyolefins are the standard choice as adhesive layers for EVOH, PA and polyolefins.


Hyperfilled calcium carbonate masterbatches to be added directly during the extrusion of virgin polymers are also available with Mesgo SwingAdd® - up to 84% mineral content, perfectly free-flowing.


Mesgo SwingAdd® include also processing aids and UV protection masterbatches, and they are available as single-function additives or as a combined proprieties or colors (combi-batches).


JazzWhite® and TangoBlack® titanium dioxide and carbon black masterbatches are produced in large volumes at Mesgo Grigno plant, and they show very high concentration and excellent dispersion at very competitive cost.


Color masterbatches are produced at Mesgo Iride Colors, with high flexibility also for small batches.


Special offers, slow movings, near-to-prime and off-specs PE, PP and low content EVA, EMA, EEA, EBA – blown and cast-film grades - from the major world producers are regularly available at Speedy Polymers at advantageous prices.



Case Study

Agricultural multi-layer EVA films

Opportunity: Customer is under strong price pressure from competitors on his agricultural films, EVA-based.


Increase production efficiency

Learn about one smart application of SK Evatane® EVA developed by Ambra for your polyolefin blown film, and increase the efficiency of your blown film extrusion

Seeding and planting

Ambra has a broad portfolio of compounds and masterbatches for injection or sheet extrusion plus thermoforming for seeding and planting pots, propagation and transport trays, clips, stakes, with a strong price advantage, including Mepol Meplen® PP mineral filled and glass fiber compounds, Mesgo Altair® PE, Avior® PP, Izar® PS and Mirach® PVC hyperfilled compounds, and Poliblend Polimid® and Secomid® PA6 and PA6.6 compounds.


Mesgo SwingAdd®, JazzWhite® and TangoBlack® hyperfilled, additive, white, black and color masterbatches are also available.


Biodegradable seeding and planting pots, trays, stakes, strings, clips may be obtained – alone or compounded with PLA or other biopolymers - with Sipol Technipol® low viscosity PBAT, PolyButylene Sebacate or Polybutylene Succinate (PBS).


Polybutylenesebacate Technipol® 70 contains 60% of raw materials coming from renewable resources, and the content can be increased to 100% by using bio-1,4-butanediol (bioBDO).

SK Lotader® is the elective product for the compatibilization of PBAT, PBS, polybutylenesebacate with PLA, PHA or other biopolyesters.


More Solutions on garden tools, garden furniture, etc. may be find at the Section “E+E, HOME, OFFICE, INDUSTRIAL, CONSUMER”.




White, black or colored?

Mesgo color masterbatches include JazzWhite®, TangoBlack® and a huge range of colors (matching or innovation) for both agricultural film and seeding. Available on PE, PP, PS, EVA, PVC and all main polymers.

Recycled polymers

The increasing public awareness and several European and international regulations on the reduction of the environmental impact of plastics – including among others CO2 emissions and marine littering of microplastics – push to dramatically increase both the rate and the quality of recycled plastics in end manufacts.


Mepol ecoMeplen® PP and ecoMepron® PS recycled compounds are an environment-friendly and economical choice for seeding and planting pots, clamps and stakes and line strings.

For more demanding applications, Poliblend Secomid® recycled PA6 and PA66 are available.

Ambra TPC Regrind Black 1 was developed starting from copolyester regrinds of post-industrial automotive production, showing perfect quality and supply consistency, great resistance to chemical and thermal degradation, easy processing, and very appealing esthetic properties for matt black recycled trays and pots by extrusion or injection moulding.


SK Evatane®, Lotryl®, Orevac® or Lotader®, or Ambra Impact PO economical versions are polymer modifiers and compatibilizers which can be added by pre-blending or direct dosage during processing to improve dramatically the mechanical and esthetic properties of recycled PE, PP, PS for agricultural film extrusion, seeding tray sheet extrusion or pot injection moulding.


Ambra Upgrade are a range of odor covering, ready-to-use masterbatches based on Pollena Aroma® fragrances and SK Evatane® carriers. Added in small amounts during the extrusion of recycled films, trays or pots, will significantly improve their odor properties.


Esthetics may also be significantly improve with Mesgo JazzWhite®, TangoBlack® and color masterbatches.




Smelly recycled compound?

Pollena Aroma® plus SK Evatane® = Ambra Upgrade MBF fragrance masterbatch! For fragrance compounding or recompounding, you have a all-in-one full package at Ambra.

Cleaning the extruder

A proper cleaning of extruders is crucial to keep high productivity. 4clean range of 4Cleanpure® concentrated pure additives and 4Cleanmix® ready-to-use cleaning compounds have a well-documented record of success cases. They are easy to use, quick, non-abrasive, very efficient on black specks, colors, transparent films and changes of material.


The increased cleaning efficiency will yield dramatical money savings by reducing the cleaning time, the amount of waste material, the amount of defective material, the number of customer claims and requests for damages.

Fully biodegradable version is also available with 4cleanpure®.



Save money with 4clean

For the less demanding applications, you can still save further money by mixing 4cleanpure® together with your production scraps.


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