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Air Fresheners

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Part of the larger Turpaz Group, the renowned Pollena Aroma® is a leading fragrance developer and manufacturer in Europe, with a scent range counting tens of thousands of references, from standard popular products at competitive price to the most sophisticated tailor-made perfumes.


Pollena Aroma® will reproduce any Aroma® you may dream of.



Pollena Aroma®, since 1956

Leading in fragrance innovation

Beads and gels

With the support of its Principals, Ambra developed a specific know-how on the performance of carrier resins with fragrances.


SK Evatane® EVA are elective resins for high fragrance impregnation for standard production.


SK Lotryl® T or Sipol Sipolprene® specialty copolymers may replace standard Evatane® when a higher softening point is required – e.g. in particularly hot environments, to avoid beads sticking to each others.


Slow fragrance release may be obtained with Sipol Sipolprene® thermoplastic elastomer beads.

Ambra can provide tailor-made micronization service with its Ambra Powder portfolio, in case microbeads are required.




Case Study

House and car air freshening bead sachets

Opportunity: Fragrance sachet beads with superior fragrance impregnation uptake and slow release properties.


Need to avoid bead sticking when is getting hot?

Thanks to its special production system, SK Lotryl® T has a much higher softening and melting point than any other competitor material. When even higher softening temperatures and slow release properties are required, Sipol Sipolprene® will be the option.

Extrusion and injection moulding

Clips, trees, gekos, balls, … they are all obtained by extrusion or injection moulding of perfumed thermoplastic compounds.


SK Evatane® and Lotryl® olefin copolymers and Sipol Sipolprene® TPE block copolymers guarantee easy processing, high fragrance impregnation, slow release, working at a wide range of cold or hot temperatures.


With Mesgo Iride Colors, Ambra guarantees a broad range of color masterbatches to be added during processing. Tailor-made small quantities also welcome.


Upon request, Ambra can also provide tailor-made compounds impregnated with Pollena Aroma® fragrances and proper color, ready to be extruded or injected.



Case Study

A top-segment, long-lasting car freshener

Opportunity: Production of a decorative car freshener with soft-touch, appealing aesthetics, slow release properties, remaining thermoplastic at even very cold winters. Top-range.


A one-stop technical support

Ambra will provide you the right Solution among the several possible polymer, fragrance and color combinations.

Biodegradable air fresheners

Fully biodegradable perfumed compounds are produced by combining Pollena Aroma® fragrances with Sipol Technipol® PBAT low-viscosity, PBS and Polybutylenesebacate biopolymers. Biodegradable color masterbatches are also available at Ambra.

Improve the cleaning protocol of your extruder

4cleanmix® by 4clean is a highly efficient and versatile purging compound with a well-documented record of success cases. It is very easy to use, it works quickly, it is non-abrasive, for the extruder screw, it is very efficient on black specks, color changes and material changes.


4cleanpure® is the pure additive, and it may be used by mixing it in-situ at your plant with SK Evatane® EVA (or Speedy Polymers off-specs EVA, to save extra money).




Clean with 4clean

4clean will improve the quality of your extrusion, reduce the amount of defectives pieces, increase productivity, make your customer happy. Ultimately you will save your time and money.


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