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Cables & Cable Compounding

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HFFR Compounding – SK Evatane® EVA and Lotryl® EMA, EBA

For HFFR cable compounding, SK Evatane® (EVA) with high VA content are the privileged and most popular choice as copolymer matrix for ATH (Aluminum TriHydroxide) mineral filler acceptance.

Lotryl® EBA and EMA are preferred for use with MDH (Magnesium Di Hydroxide), with higher decomposition temperatures, or for higher filler concentrations, or also for use at ultra-freeze temperatures.

PE, PP or EVA, EMA, EBA with low comonomer contents from the major world producers are regularly available at Speedy Polymers at advantageous prices.

Case Study

An HFFR cable surviving decomposition over 300°C

Opportunity: A cable producer was to develop a highly demanding polyolefin HFFR cable, where the HFFR polymer matrix should have stood decomposition temperatures over 300°C. Classical EVA-based compounds start to decompose above 230°C, releasing acetic acid fumes.


Viscosity fine-tuning

You may fine-tune the fluidity of your HFFR compound with high-comonomer, high fluidity Evatane® EVA or Lotryl®/Lotryl® T EMA, EBA​​​​​​​.

HFFR Compounding – Coupling agents

SK Lotader® and Orevac® are highly concentrated reactive polyolefins – respectively terpolymers and MAH-grafted polyolefins – golden standards as coupling agents in polyolefin HFFR compounds.

Case Study

Decreasing water-tree issues in HFFR cables

Opportunity: We asked one of our best customer: Do you want to reduce the water uptake in your HFFR cable? The answer was: Sure. But HOW?


SK: a full polyolefin package for HFFR compounds

Evatane®, Lotryl® plus Orevac®, Lotader®: use polar matrixes plus coupling agents together for the best result

Special mechanical and chemical properties in HFFR compounds and jacketing with Sipolprene

HFFR compounds with very high flexibility and special mechanical properties are obtained with Sipol Sipolprene® TPC-ET thermoplastic elastomer. Applications span from automotive to submarine cables.


The high dielectric strength, high flexibility, special mechanical properties, thermal resistance onto a high span of temperatures from deep-freeze to very high temperature, and resistance to aggressive solvents and saltwater showed by Sipol Sipolprene® are also particularly favorable for special cable coating.


Sipolprene® allows much thinner insulation layers than standard PVC. Also, Sipolprene® adsorbs much less water and they are considerably less expensive than standard block copolyamides.



Sipolprene® MD grade have been developed to specifically resist to polymer degradation catalyzed by metals, e.g. copper, and find application in automotive, train and airways cables, undersea exploration and other marine cables, optical fibers and data transmission in general, and many more.


Case Study

A flexible optical fiber with superior mechanical and chemical resistance (plus easy peel-off)

Opportunity: Coating of an optical fiber for high demanding mechanical properties and chemical resistance.


Compounding plus jacketing with Sipol Sipolprene®

The desirable properties of Sipolprene® can be exploited in both HFFR compounds and cable jacketing.

Tailor-made Mesgo Advanced Solutions


Tailor-made Mesgo Advanced Solutions

With its various production sites and wide experience on all sort of cables – PVC, polyolefin, rubber, silicone – Mesgo is your perfect partner for tailor-made Solutions.

Color and additive masterbatches for cables

Available at Mesgo is also an extensive portfolio of color and additive masterbatches based on PVC, EVA and PE.


Mesgo PVC based mb for PVC cables

Why should you use an EVA-based masterbatches for your PVC extrusion, if you can have the same based on PVC? The wide range by Mesgo is one of the very few available on the market. Small batches also welcome.

Additives and auxiliaries

Brasca ABpolwax® PE, Oxidized PE and EVA waxes and Polwax Paraffins are used as gelling agents for water- and gas-tight cable fillers.

Highly effective, ready-to-use cleaning compound 4cleanmix® or concentrated additive 4cleanpure® are available by 4clean.

4cleanmix® CS grade for the cleaning of PVC cable extrusion is also available.


Save money with 4clean

With a proper periodical cleaning protocol, 4clean will help to reduce the maintenance time, gain production capacity, increase your productivity, decrease the number of defects.


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