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Compounding & Recycling

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Lotte Starex® ABS, MABS and Infino® PC virgin resins

...are the elective choice for all special compounds based on such polymers.

Resins with specific additives (colored or nuanced, flame retarded, UV-protected, etc.) are also available for further compounding for special applications.

Case Study

Improve price competitiveness of PC and PC/ABS compounds

Opportunity: Two different compounders had the same impellent need: decrease price of their PC and PC/ABS compounds, or lose important market share.


Starex® SD-0150W ABS

The Lotte Starex® SD-0150W is the elective continuous mass virgin grade for ABS and PC/ABS engineering polymer compounding.

Biodegradable polymers

The new Sipol Technipol® range of biopolymers Technipol® Bio 1160 polybutylene adipate terephthalate (PBAT), Sipol Technipol® Bio 1120 poly butylene succinate (PBS) and poly butylene sebacate Technipol® Bio 707 for compounding with PLA, PHA, etc. for injection moulding and profile extrusion.

All 3 grades are availble in bio-based versions.

Sipol Technipol® Bio 1160 has the OK COMPOST – INDUSTRIAL certificate.

The whole Technipol® Bio range has the required food certificates.


SK Lotader® is the elective product for the compatibilization of bio‑poyesters with PLAPHA or other biopolyesters.

Case Study

SK Lotader® AX8900 as a reactive compatibilizer in a PLA based TPV

Opportunity: Customer wanted to produce a biobased, environmentally friendly thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV). Therefore, he mixed a soft biobased EPDM with a stiff PLA together with a crosslinking agent. Unfortunately, EPDM and PLA are not perfectly mixable.

Solutions towards the PA6.6 global shortage issue

Ambra has regular availability of virgin off-specs and chopped plops of pure PA6.6 stemming directly from polycondensation by-product of nylon textile yarns. Ask us.

“Super-features”: Long-chain polyamides

Due to their excellent processing features, low melting point, special mechanical properties, flexibility, thermal and chemical resistance, long chain polyamides find application as the virgin resins basis for special compounds for a wide variety of applications: Nexis Fibers PA6.10 and 6.12.

Highly concentrated additive masterbatches for easy processing

Mesgo SwingAdd® hyperfilled (calcium carbonate, carbon black) and conductive (carbon black) masterbatches guarantee easy processing for the compounding of various thermoplastic polymers.

Mesgo also has a core-competence in flame retardants: SwingAdd® Halogen, Low-Halogen and Halogen-Free flame retardant masterbatches help to reach the most severe flammability regulation.

Mesgo SwingAdd® additive masterbatches help to reduce the temperature degradation, improve the lifetime on UV and oxidation exposure, improve polymer processability, scratch resistance. SwingAdd® are available as single-function additives or as a combined proprieties or colors (combi-batches).

Jazzwhite® and Tangoblack® masterbatches are produced in large volumes at Mesgo Grigno plant, and they show very high concentration and excellent dispersion of the pigments on polyolefins, styrenics, PA and other engineering polymers at very reasonable costs. Color masterbatches are produced at Mesgo Iride Colors, with very high flexibility also for small batches.


Remove water from your polyolefin

SwingAdd® PE dessiccant masterbatch is an hyperfilled universal moisture adsorber, which was designed both for hygroscopic virgin polymers and for reprocessing, with food contact approval

Impact modification of engineering polymer compounds

With the SK famous Lotryl®, Lotader® and Orevac® brands, Ambra offers the broadest range on the market of additives for compatibilization and impact modification of engineering polymer compounds, including standard impact, freeze and deep-freeze applications, high fluidity, and cost effectiveness.



Standard maleic Lotader® terpolymers are used for the modification of PA, while Lotader® AX GMA-based terpolymers are the golden reference solution for PBT, PET, PC/PBT and PC/PET, PLA, PPS, POM.


Lotryl® T are a new range of EMA and EBA copolymers produced by SK Functional Polymer proprietary tubular technology. The special monomers distribution in the polymer chain imparts higher mechanical properties with respect to the analogous Lotryl® autoclave grades, when added to PP, PC or ABS to increase impact in opaque, matt applications.


Lotryl® T are also synergistic with the standard MBS or all-acrylic core-shell modifiers.

Case Study

Price effective impact modification of recycled ABS

Opportunity: Customer was not fully satisfied by both performance and price of a competitor impact modifier for his recycled ABS compound range.


Decrease the cost of your high-impact formulation

The total cost of your formulation can be decreased by combining Lotader® and Lotryl® T, call us and learn how.

Compatibilization of virgin and recycled polyolefin compounds

Polyolefins loaded with minerals fillers, glass fibers, natural fibers, additives are compatibilized by the famous SK Orevac® reactive polyolefins with very high concentration of grafted maleic anhydride. Grades are available for use in (L)LDPE, HDPE, PP compound.


The same additives can also be used to upgrade polyolefin regrinds and they find today a new crucial relevance in view of new laws on mandatory and increasing content of recycled polymers in plastic packaging, which poses challenging issues in terms of compatibilization of polyolefins with polar polymers (EVOH, PA, PET, biopolymers).

Case Study

Compatibilization of HDPE with regrind from recycled barrier food packaging

Opportunity: Customer reprocess (HD)PE regrind, especially for application on hard or stiff end products such as tubes and pipes. Their sources are usually contaminated by multi-layer food packaging, i.e. with PA, EVOH, PET. He was seeking to homogenize his regrinds and improve mechanical properties, without softening the material.


Orevac® 18341 (LLDPE, LDPE),Orevac® 18507 (HDPE) and Orevac® CA100 (PP) polyolefin compatibilizers forrecycled packaging

Three compatibilizers by SK with very high concentration of graftedmaleic anhydride, for blending and compounding almost any type of virginpolymer, regrinds, mineral charges, glass fibers, natural fibers,reinforcements or pollutants with polyolefins.

Ambra Impact™ and Upgrade™ low-cost impact modifiers and compatibilizers for recycled compounds

Ambra also designed its own range of low-cost impact modifiers and compatibilizers to improve properties of recycled polyolefins and engineering polymers.

Case Study

Recycling of PA fibers at low cost but high consistency

Opportunity: Customer recycles textile polyamide fibers to injection moulding grades, and increases notched and unnotched Izod values with various off-specs modifiers, but needs at the same time consistent supplies and performance along the year, with affordable price.

Impact modification of recycled polyamide with Ambra Impact PA range

PA regrinds stem from very different sources – from yarns to injected automotive complex components - and for this reason every different recycled batch is a new challenge.

Ambra Impact™ are a powerful and universal additive to increase homogenization and impact properties of recycled compounds.

Case Study

One PA + GF tough story

Opportunity: Customer needed to compatibilize a PA regrind with a near-to-prime glass fiber. Furthermore, he needed to increase his notched and unnotched impact resistance at room tempertaure. And finally, price had to be kept as low as possible, or he would have run out of business.


Ambra Impact PB, versatile universal low-cost impact modifiers for recycled polyesters

During recycling, our customers need to reprocess and ennoble various types of regrinds, often harshly degraded and polluted with other polymers, mineral charges, additives, requiring universal compatibilizers and impact modifiers at the lowest possible price.

Recyled polyesters blends with polyolefins are very common – e.g. PET packaging regrinds polluted with polyolefin caps.

Reactive Ambra Impact PB improves mechanical properties and impact already at relatively low dosage, allowing very reasonable final costs for the reprocessed formulations. It is an elective choice for the recycling of PET, PBT, PLA and other polyesters blended with any other polymers (PE, PP, PS, ABS, PC, PPS, POM).

From nightmare to dream, from dream to reality.

Case Study

And one POM + GF tough story

Opportunity:Impact modification of a POM copolymer regrind, to be compounded with 17-23% of glass fibers.


Regrading recycled polyesters for extrusion

Impact PB also increases the viscosity of regrind PES and PC for sheet extrusion applications.

TPE and rubber compounding

Elastomer copolymers (SBR, SBS, SEBS, EPDM, NBR) are compounded with polyolefins such as PE, PP, EVA, EMA, EBA and various minerals and additives to produce rubber compounds and TPE, TPO and TPV blends, which for their desirable features find applications in several fields, from automotive to gasket & seals, consumer goods, shoes, sport and leisure, corks, and many others.


SK Evatane® EVA and Lotryl® EMA, EBA with high-content of comonomer are an elective range for rubber-polyolefin TPE and TPO blends.

Also, Orevac® and Lotader® Terpolymers and Grafted Polyolefins are within the most used compatibilizers on the market.

Case Study

Liquid masterbatches for rubber additives

Opportunity: “Liquid masterbatches” – with carriers which are solid at room temperature but melt just above that – are used for rubber additives. They are packed into small low-melting bags and added to rubber blend during processing.

Another customer had to produce by blown-film technology small bags to contain similar admixtures, with suitable mechanical properties, but easily melting and mixing during rubber processing.


Evatane® plus Orevac® EVA-based

Combine SK Evatane® high-content VA with EVA-based compatibilizers Orevac®, for a perfect result in your high performance TPEs and TPOs.

Compounding of Sipol Sipolprene® TPC-ET thermoplastic elastomers

TPC-ET thermoplastic elastomers are polyester-polyether block copolymers with specially desirable features, including outstanding mechanical properties, flexibility and softness versatility, flexural fatigue resistance, high impact strength, heat stability, resistance to oils, solvents and chemicals in general, abrasion resistance, good electrical dissipative factors, breathability, soft-touch.

For all those reasons they are widely used in high technical applications in automotive, industrial, sports and leisure, with 1k or 2k injection moulding, cable jacketing, pressure pipes, as well as in make-up packaging.

Sipol Sipolprene® is available for further compounding with other polymers, colors and additives. A full range is available for compounders, with very high versatility in terms of hardness, mechanical properties and melting point, Vicat and MFI.

Sipol is a polymer company with no compounding activities – indeed they are the only supplier of TPC-ET which will not compete on your finished compounds, and which will always guarantee your supply continuity and consistency. Small batches and tailor-made developments are welcome.

Ambra Upgrade TPC Regrind Black 1 regrind is also available for recompounding with an outstanding performance/price ratio.


Why buying from your competitors?

...when your reliable supplier can be a focused producer of TPC-ET polymer with the best offer in terms of technical support, performance, versatility, batch size, cooperation and price.

Perfumed virgin and recycled plastics

Fragrances or fragrance masterbatches are used to manufacture perfumed compounds for further conversion in injection moulding or extrusion. Fragrances are also used to improve the odor of recycled plastics.


Pollena Aroma® is one of the largest European fragrance producers, with a scent range counting tens of thousands of references, from a basic fruity aroma with high odor covering properties, to the most sophisticated tailor-made perfume. Pollena Aroma® will reproduce any Aroma® you dream of.


Ambra Upgrade are a range of odor covering ready-to-use masterbatches based on amitahc Flavors & Fragrances or Pollena Aroma® fragrances and SK Evatane® or Sipol Sipolprene® for plastic recompounding.


Smelly recycled compound?

Amitahc Flavors & Fragrances orPollena Aroma® plus SK Evatane® = Ambra Upgrade fragrance masterbatch! For fragrance compounding or recompounding, you have a all-in-one full package at Ambra.


Brasca ABpolwax PE and Oxidized PE tailor-made waxes are highly efficient lubricants for PVC compounds. Polwax refined paraffins find application in rubber blends.

Off-specs, slow-moving, spot offers

A broad range of virgin prime, off-specs, slow moving EVA, EMA, EBA, PA, PC, ABS, and additives from the most important producers worldwide are available at Speedy Polymers for your compounds and masterbatches. Price competitive, fast, reliable, consistent.


Large EVA off-specs availability

Do not forget to periodically check the availability lists of off-specs at the Speedy Polymers European warehouses.


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