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Corks & Closures

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Standard polyolefin closures

Mepol Meplen® PP filled and reinforced compounds are available both in standard and eco versions, for standard rigid closures and caps. Highly competitive on performance vs price ratio.

Internal liners in PP screw caps are also typically made with Arkema Evatane®.

Standard PE or PP compounds are available with Mesgo Altair® PE and Avior® PP. Perfect color matching, tailor-made small batches are provided by ColorTech Teclene® PP and Tecstir® PS.

With Mesgo Iride Colors, Ambra guarantees a broad range of Color masterbatches – also available as combo-batches with additives. Tailor-made small quantities also welcome. Complying with Food Contact regulations.

Standard polyolefin neat resins (PE, PP, EVA, EMA, EBA) spot offers, off-specs or slow moving from the major world producers are regularly available at Speedy at advantageous prices.


Mesgo Iride Colors has a broad range of color masterbatches for all applications, from injection to blow extrusions. Available on all main polyolefin, PVC and engineering polymer carriers, with food contact certifications.

Alcoholic beverages: wine corks

Typical synthetic corks for wine bottles are produced by an extrusion foaming process with Arkema Evatane® EVA or Lotryl® EMA, with low or high comonomer content.


A naturally beautiful esthetics for synthetics wine corks

EVA and EMA copolymers are the elected choice for synthetic wine corks, for their resemblance to natural cork. You can even mix SK Evatane® EVA or Lotryl® EMA with different comonomer content for adjusting to desired properties.

For biodegradable synthetic wine corks Sipol Technipol® Bio 1160 PBAT is the right choice.

Alcoholic beverages: liquors and spirits

Ambra range of virgin engineering polymers and compounds include the Lotte Advanced Materials famous Infino® PC and Starex® MABS Transparent grades, widely used in the manufacture of closures for alcoholic beverages, food oils, etc.

When the highest chemical resistance is required, Ambra Solutions basket includes long-chain polyamides by Sipol Sipolprene® copolyester.

Case Study

Transparent closures for spirits

Opportunity: Customer produces closures for spirits in transparent PC polymer.

Cosmetic, pharmaceutical, medical applications

Closures for cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging are reported under the corresponding “PACKAGING FOR COSMETICS, NUTRA & PHARMA”.

Ambra also has a variety of sources for medical grade compounds, from PVC to thermoplastic elastomers. You may find an overview at the “OTHER APPLICATIONS” paragraph.

Protect your product, protect your equipment

4cleanpure and 4cleanmix® by 4clean® are highly efficient and versatile purging compounds. They are non-abrasive for the equipment, and suitable for food contact.


Try 4cleanmix® by 4clean® on your extruder to prevent from defects, increase production efficiency, save time, make your customer happy. With approvals for food contact applications.


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