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Fibers & Yarns, Monofilaments & 3D Print Filaments

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Hi-tech polymers and compounds for mechanical, chemical, heat and weather resistance

Poliblend PA6 and PA6.6 compounds Polimid® and Secomid® - respectively produced from prime and near-to-prime grades – find application in the extrusion of standard nylon fibers, with adapted features and perfect color matching.


Nexis Fibers PA6.10 and PA6.12 virgin polymers – produced at the polycondensation unit in Humenne, Slovakia - are used for the extrusion of flexible filaments, showing the typical PA performance with a much higher flexibility. Their filaments find application e.g. in tooth brushes, water filters and 3D printing.


Ambra can offer diversified solutions when very high abrasion, solvent, chemical and thermal resistance, with very good weatherability as following.


Sipol Sipolprene® virgin TPC-ET block copolyesters and are used for the extrusion of flexible fibers, with applications in filters, make-up brushes, etc.

Ambra TPC Regrind Black 1 is a post-production regrind from TPC-ET block copolyester compound from an automotive application, single source, and can also be used for the extrusion of eco-recycled black flexible fibers with very high mechanical, thermal and chemical resistance.


Modification of virgin and recycled polymers

Instead of buying ready-to-use compounds, one may add directly modifiers and additives during filament extrusion.


SK Evatane®, Lotryl®, Lotader® and Orevac® polar and reactive polyolefin copolymers and terpolymers are used for the mechanical modification of PP, PET and PA - virgin or recycled - by pre-blending or direct addition during extrusion. They impart flexibility, elasticity and toughness.


Good elastic return of polyester matrixes may also be obtained by adding Sipol Sipolprene®.


Lotader® or Orevac® reactive polyolefins also guarantee the compatibilization of different polymers, additives, fillers, metals or impurities in the polymer matrixes, either virgin or recycled.


Ambra also designed its own range of low-cost Impact and Upgrade low-cost impact modifiers and compatibilizers to improve properties of recycled polyolefins, polyesters, natural fibers and engineering polymers.

Efficient additivation during fibers extrusion is obtained with Mesgo masterbatches.


High rate of conductivity may be obtained by Mesgo carbon black compounds Altair® PE, Avior® PP, Izar® PS and ABS, and Mizar® PA.


Mesgo SwingAdd® additive masterbatches include processing aids, slipping agents, UV and oxidant protection, temporary antistatics, etc. SwingAdd® are available as single-function additives or as a combined proprieties or colors (combi-batches).


Jazzwhite® and Tangoblack® white and black masterbatches are produced in large volumes at Mesgo Grigno plant, and they show very high concentration and excellent dispersion of the pigments on PE. PP or PA at very accessible price. Color masterbatches are produced at Mesgo Iride Colors, with very high flexibility also for small batches.


Permanent antistatic properties are obtained by the direct addition of standard permanent antistatic additives from major producers with the corresponding Orevac® or Lotader® compatibilizer.


Tailor-made Ambra Upgrade MB color or combi masterbatches with specific high efficiency can be developed for the coloration or modification of Sipolprene® or other TPC-ET resins during monofilament extrusion.



Adhesive filaments

Solutions for the extrusion of adhesive monofilaments may be find under the Section “HOT-MELTS, ADHESIVES & SEALANTS”

Biodegradable polymers

The new Sipol Technipol® range of biopolymers PolyButylene Adipate Terephthalate (PBAT) PolyButylene Sebacate and Polybutylene Succinate (PBS) find applications alone or together with other biopolymers for 3D printing filaments. Polybutylenesebacate Technipol® 70 contains 60% of raw materials coming from renewable resources, and the content can be increased to 100% by using bio-1,4-butanediol (bioBDO).


Reduce the number of defects, increase productivity

4cleanpure® and 4cleanmix® by 4clean are non-abrasive, highly efficient and versatile purging compounds.

With 4cleanpure® and 4cleanmix® and the right cleaning protocol of your extruder, you will obtain perfect filaments, increasing both quality and productivity of your high-value products.


Your fibers are precious, save them from pollution and poor esthetics

Ask for a cleaning trial on your equipment with 4cleanpure® or 4cleanmix® and the 4clean plus Ambra technical staff.


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