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Hot-Melts, Adhesives & Sealants

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EVA, EMA and EBA polyolefins for standard Hot-Melt Adhesives

SK Evatane® EVA is the first choice for the most polyolefin-based HMA standard applications, ensuring internal strength, cohesion and toughness down to -20°C, adhesive properties up to 40-80°C, good thermal stability, clarity and compatibility with most tackifier resins. The wide range of vinyl acetate content and viscosities ensure a proper tuning of wetting, set speed and processability properties.


Lotryl® EMA and EBA are an effective alternative for very low temperature adhesion, superior thermal stability, higher adhesion on polyolefins (PP, PS) or wider compatibility with tackifier aliphatic, aromatic, aromatic modified aliphatic hydrocarbon resins and rosin esters. Polarity of Lotryl® imparts high performance on most of substrates, even coated, unlike metallocene ethylene octane copolymer (POE). These properties make Lotryl® a natural choice for deep freeze packaging, glue sticks, bookbinding, HMPSA for labelling.


Lotryl® T EBA are special grades produced by tubular technology. Their higher melting point speeds up the setting time and enables high R&B temperature of the HMA, at the same time maintaining the desired typical features of standard Lotryl®. They are especially designed for packaging and other applications where high MFI and high adhesion are requested.


EVAEMAEBA special offers, off-specs or slow movings from the major world producers are regularly available at Speedy Polymers with advantageous prices.


An alternative to metallocene ethylene octane copolymer (POE) for adhesion to polar substrates

Try the two new SK Lotryl® 28BA700T and Lotryl® 35BA320T polar EBA copolymers with very low-viscosity. The special tubular technology enables the production of HMA with higher softening points. Fully complying with food contact regulations.

Reactive polyolefins for stronger adhesion and compatibilization

SK Orevac® and Lotader® are polyolefin terpolymers which are used for the formulation of Reactive HMA. They are often used in combination with Evatane® EVA or Lotryl ® EBA to optimize properties and cost.


Orevac® T and Lotader® ensure stronger adhesion to reactive or polar surfaces, such as glass, difficult papers, varnishes, OPA, PVC, PET, PC, aluminum, steel. They also react with isocyanates and improve the green strength and adhesion of Hot-Melt TPU.


Orevac® G, Orevac® T or Lotader® may also be used as compatibilizers of HMA formulations of reactive substrates such as Copolyesters, Copolyamides, TPU, etc. They can be pre-mixed, or directly added during the extrusion of sticks, monofilaments, nets, webs or continuous films.

Case Study

A reactive thermoadhesive monofilament

Opportunity: Customer was evaluating a number of reactive polymers to extrude an adhesive monofilament to stick together different aluminum coated extruded window profiles and aluminum components.


Loving the special adhesive strength of SK Lotader® and Orevac® T, but your final formulation may become too expensive?

SK Evatane® or Lotryl® T EVA, EMA and EBA copolymers can be mixed with concentrated Orevac® T or Lotader® to achieve the required results at affordable cost.

Hydrocarbon and natural tackifier resins

Ambra portfolio includes Hydrocarbon tackifier resins from various Chinese top producers with reliable quality, consistent supply and affordable costs. Our range includes Aliphatic C5, Aromatic C9, Aliphatic/Aromatic C5/C9 and Hydrogenated resins.

They are essential for the formulation of HMA and PSA formulation for tapes and labels, food packaging, carton box sealing, bookbinding, woodworking, footwear, hygiene (diapers), automotive, sealants, etc.

Natural gum rosins and rosin esters are also available from two main European producers.


Waxes are used in hot-melt formulations to control viscosity, setting time and open time. Fischer-Tropsch (FT) microcrystalline waxes are the most widely use, usually in conjunction with other paraffins, PE or polar waxes.


Brasca manufactures waxes since 1946. ABpolwax® FT and PE are Fischer-Tropsch and Polyethylene waxes, in flakes or drops shape. ABpolwax® FT and PE show congealing and drop points, penetrations, viscosities, yellowing, soluble parameters which are comparable to market benchmarks, with an attractive performance vs cost ratio.


Polwax® is one of the largest European producers of refined and deodorized paraffin, paraffin waxes and specialty industrial paraffin products. They are used in polyolefin HMA to decrease viscosity, at the same time optimizing the formulation cost by partial replacement of other Fischer-Tropsch or Polyethylene waxes.


Looking forward to higher capacity of paraffin wax with low oil content

Polwax® is building a new solvent de-oiling plant, as a result of which the output of waxes with extra-low oil content (<0.5%) will increase by 2021


Platamid® is a range of highly crystalline, averagely to highly viscous Copolyamide (CoPa) HMA, produced by Arkema by random polycondensation. They are a one component solid system and very high melting point. Their very flexible chemistry allows to tune viscosity, melting point (85-150°C), setting time, laundry and dry cleaning resistance, solubility and dispersibility in water, alcohol and other solvents, and cross-linking.


They are used for strong and durable adhesion to polar surfaces such as natural and synthetic (PA, PET) woven and non-woven textiles, leather, metals, etc., showing higher adhesion and washing resistance than standard Copolyester HMA. Final applications include electronic circuitry adhesion, floor covering, textile interlining for clothes, sport ware and footwear, automotive carpeting and web adhesives, etc.


Platamid® Universal Adhesion grades with high content of bio-based monomers and enhanced adhesion to special surfaces are also available.

Case Study

An HMA for synthetic hair extensions

Opportunity: An hot-melt producer was searching for a HMA in granules to be extruded into sticks for adhesion of PA fiber hair extensions to natural hairs.


Universal adhesion?

Try the new Platamid® range with increased bio-based content

Ambra Powder

Ambra has a large experience in the grinding and micronization of thermoplastic powders.

Thermoplastic adhesive powders of all above pellets from our Principals can be developed with the brand Ambra Powder with the desired particle size distribution and color, including EVA, EMA, EBA, SIS, SBS, SEBS, waxes, tackifiers, copolyamides, coplyesters and biodegradable adhesives.

Applications include typically dot gluing in carpeting, automotive, etc.


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