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Research Institutes & Fine Arts Restoration

Ambra is a technical development company. From applied technical research by plastics industry organizations to University Ph.D. students thesis for basic and groundbreaking innovation, our technical staff is always happy to cooperate and share our technical knowledge and provide samples. The seed today will be a flourishing tree tomorrow.


SK Evatane® EVA or Lotryl® EMA, EBA low melting adhesive polyolefins, Arkema Platamid® copolyamide hot-melts, or Brasca ABpolwax adhesive wax compounds find innovative use in the restoration of fine arts as solventless, easily removable adhesives.


Adhesive fully biodegradable Sipol Technipol® polybutylenesebacate hot-melt adhesive is also available



Case Study

Restoration of rubber components in modern art (ask us for scientific publication)

We came across one academic project for the restoration of aged rubber in a component of a modern art piece (a bicycle tire).

Producers of Machineries & Moulds

Ambra continuously cooperates with producers of equipment for polymer processing, giving professional technical support and providing the small quantity for trials.

Jewellery and precision casting

Polwax paraffins, Brasca ABpolwax wax blends and Arkema Evatane® EVA copolymer are used in lost-wax casting processing, e.g. in jewellery, costume jewellery, and precious metals precision casting.


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