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Paper & Paper coating

This Section applies only to all non-packaging applications, such as paper for stationery, decorative papers, etc. Please refer to the Section “PACKAGING” for applications on combined Paper-Polymers applications for packaging. You may also find further Solutions at the Section “TEXTILES & TECHNICAL FILMS AND COATING” for coating of other substrates such as textiles and nonvowens.

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Polymer extrusion coating

Thanks to their excellent adhesive properties, the Arkema famous brands Evatane® (EVA) and Lotryl® (EMA, EBA) polar polyolefin copolymers, and the Orevac® and Lotader® reactive polyolefins lead the market of adhesion of thermoplastics onto paper by the extrusion coating and extrusion lamination technologies, especially with the aim to increase the adhesion strength between basic polyolefins (PE, PP) and paper, from carton boxes to decorative papers.

PE, PP and polyolefin copolymers from the major world producers are regularly available by Speedy Polymers: discount offers, off-specs, slow movings.

Decorative papers for hot-melt print transfer

Decorative papers are also created with Arkema Platamid® copolyamide melt adhesives for transferring the decoration onto nylon textiles and nonvowens.

Universal adhesion grades, with increased content of bio-sourced monomers are available.


Beautiful effects with Arkema Platamid®

Platamid® copolyamide with high content of biosourced monomers is the elective product for melt transfer decorative papers.

Additivation in polymer coating

Mesgo SwingAdd® additive masterbatches help to reduce the high temperature degradation, improve the lifetime on UV and oxidation exposure, improve polymer processability, scratch resistance, etc. SwingAdd® are available as single-function additives or as a combined proprieties or colors (combi-batches).

Jazzwhite® and Tangoblack® white and black masterbatches are produced in large volumes at Mesgo Grigno plant, and they show very high concentration and excellent dispersion of the pigments on polyolefins at very reasonable costs. Color masterbatches are produced at Mesgo Iride Colors, with very high flexibility also for small batches.

Wax coating

Polwax is the largest producer of refined and deodorized paraffin waxes in the whole Eastern Europe. Its range of Paraffin emulsions are regularly used in paper coating.

The Italian wax compounder Brasca provided wax blend solutions since 1946. Its ABpolwax® standard PE waxes and tailor-made combinations will satisfy any of your need for wax impregnation both in terms of performance and easy handling.


Brasca, a wax specialist

Brasca will develop your tailor-made ABpolwax® formulation in ready-to-use perfect pearls.

Reduce the number of defects, increase productivity

You need a perfect cleaning protocol of your extruder to obtain perfect coated paper. 4cleanpure® and 4cleanmix® by 4clean will help to increase both quality and productivity for your high-value engineered paper.


Will 4clean add costs or save your money?

Make a trial on your extruder with 4cleanpure® or 4cleanmix® and 4clean + Ambra technical staff. Then you may answer the dilemma easily.


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