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Standard polyolefins for masterbatches and rotomoulding

Ambra guarantees a broad range of the main polyolefins which are used as carriers for the production of powders for masterbatches & rotomoulding applications.


SK Evatane® high-content EVA as well as Lotryl® and Lotryl® T EMA and EBA granules are widely used in the production of powders for masterbatches.


Basic polyolefins (PE, PP, PS, EVA, EMA, EEA, EBA) with spot low prices, slow movings, off-specs, are available at Speedy Polymers.




Your competitors are killing your market with incredibly low prices?

For several applications, where price is THE crucial factor, batches with wider specifications may be the right Solution. Speedy Polymers availability lists will help you surviving the fierce competition.

Reactive and functional polyolefins

SK Lotader® and Orevac® reactive polyolefins are used for the production of reactive powders for pipe coatings and paint coating.

Wider specs versions are available at Speedy Polymers.

Case Study

Reactive powder coating for universal adhesion

Opportunity: A very large producer of powders for coating applications needed a versatile and reactive polymer for paint coating on different surfaces.

Polymer resins for carpet backing and dot coating

SK Evatane® EVA with very high-content of vinyl acetate comonomer – up to 42%VA – are widely used in the production of hot-melt powders for dot gluing, carpet backing and textile laminations in general.


Arkema also manufactures thermoadhesive copolyamide Platamid® granules for the production of dot coating powders for clothing and footwear. Platamid® are always partially from biosource (castor seeds). Grades for universal adhesion and increased biosource content are also available.



Sipol Technipol® Bio 707 (poly butylene sebacate) can be micronized for powder-scattering application followed by very easy IR reactivation, thanks to very low reactivation temperature. Technipol® Bio 707 is fully biodegradable and it contains 60% of raw materials coming from renewable resources - the content can be increased to 100% by using bio-1,4-butanediol (bioBDO) = Technipol® Bio 709.


Case Study

Save money on EVA high-content

Opportunity: Customer desperately needed lower prices for the production of his high-content VA powders, but could not accept a decrease in performance.

Special resins

Several other special polymer resins are available in the Ambra solutions basket, including:


-Lotte Starex® ABS, MABS and Infino® PC;

-long chain polyamides Nexis Fibers PA6.10 and 6.12;

-Sipol Sipolprene® block polyester-polyether (TPC-ET) thermoplastic elastomers


Biodegradable polymers

The new Sipol Technipol® range of biopolymers Technipol® Bio 1160 polybutylene adipate terephthalate (PBAT), Sipol Technipol® Bio 1120 poly butylene succinate (PBS) and poly butylene sebacate Technipol® Bio 707 are available for the production of biodegradable powders for masterbatches, dot coating and 3D printing.

All 3 grades are available in bio-based versions.

Sipol Technipol® Bio 1160 has the OK COMPOST – INDUSTRIAL certificate.

The whole Technipol® Bio range has the required food certificates.


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