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Rotomoulding & Rotolining

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Standard polyolefin powders

Ambra Powder own range includes the main polyolefins which are used in rotational moulding and rotational lining in micronized powders, including PE, PP, PS and EVA in several colors and particle size distributions, at very competitive prices.

Standard polyolefins are also available in granules by Speedy Polymers, to be further directly micronized by the customer. Ambra can also provide full micronizing service with the desired particle size distribution, also under cryogenic conditions.


Matching of materials, colors and particle size

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Soft and chemical resistant rotomoulding and lining

Ambra Powder portfolio includes micronization in several colors and particle size distributions of the polymer granules from their Principals as below, as well as tailor-made powders for a large range of polymers.


SK granules portfolio includes EVA Evatane® and EMA, EBA Lotryl® for further micronization by the customer.


Short and long chain polyamides are also often used for their good combination of chemical and thermal resistance. Specific PA6 and PA6.6 compounds for chemical resistance are available with Poliblend Polimid® portfolio. Specific tailor-made Ambramid® PA6 and PA6.6 can also be developed.

Long-chain polyamides are available with Nexis Fibers PA6.10 and 6.12.


Sipol Sipolprene® TPC-ET thermoplastic elastomers are polyester-polyether block copolymers with specially desirable features, including outstanding mechanical properties, flexibility and softness versatility, flexural fatigue resistance, high impact strength, heat stability, resistance to oils, solvents and chemicals in general, abrasion resistance, good electrical dissipative factors, and soft-touch. High technical applications include rotational moulding and coating components for automotive, industrial, sports and leisure.


Ambra TPC Regrind Black 1 is also available in powder form for the same applications at advantageous price.



Reactive rotolining

SK Orevac® and Lotader® reactive polyolefins can be used in powder form for rotolining on metal containers, reactors, autoclaves, fittings, etc., to obtain stronger adhesion. Orevac® or Lotader® may be used alone or mixed with polyolefins, polyamides, polyesters or fluoropolymers in tailor-made homogenized powders – available by Ambra.


Further Solutions on reactive coating are available at the Sections “TUBES & PIPES” and “PAINTS, COATINGS, VARNISHES & INKS”.



Case Study

Rotolining of a large steel container

Opportunity: A customer needed to increase the adhesion of its internal liner to the steel surface. Working temperatures were very high.


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