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Wax Compounding

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Besides all typical applications for plastics, rubbers, cables, adhesives, bitumens, waxes are used to produce special wax compounds which are widely used for the manufacturing of decorative candles, all types of polishes, jewelry and costume jewelry casting, dental molds, make-up and cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electrical cables, cardboard coating, textiles coating, leather treatment, crayons, inks, paints, food industry, farming protective agent, and many more.


Polwax® is one of the largest European producers of refined and deodorized paraffin waxes, with a very wide range of melting points, and standard or low-oil content. Polwax® is building a new solvent de-oiling plant, as a result of which the output of waxes with extra-low oil content (<0.5%) will increase by 2020.


Brasca manufactures waxes since 1946. ABpolwax® FT and PE are Fischer-Tropsch and Polyethylene waxes, in flakes, drops or water-based emulsion. Wax pre-blends in pastilles or emulsion form are also available at Brasca on tailor-made basis.




Need extra wax blending capacity?

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Polymers, tackifiers and additives for wax formulations

SK Evatane® EVA and Lotryl® EMA, EBA – with their very high content of polar comonomers – guarantee internal cohesion and stability to the wax blend, imparting at the same time adhesive properties. Viscosity can also be tuned by selecting proper comonomer content and MFI. Uses of Wax/EVA formulations will include for cardboard casing impregnation, depilatory waxes.


SK Lotader® and Orevac® reactive polyolefins will impart stronger, durable and irreversible bonding to polar substrates for special wax solutions.


Also, fully biodegradable compounds can be obtained by combining Brasca ABpolwax® natural waxes with Sipol Technipol® biopolymers.


Ambra portfolio also includes Hydrocarbon tackifier resins from various Chinese top producers with reliable quality, consistent supply and affordable costs. Our range includes Aliphatic C5, Aromatic C9, Aliphatic/Aromatic C5/C9, Hydrogenated resins. They are essential for the formulation of wax compounds with higher tackiness.


Natural gum rosins and rosin esters are also available from two main European producers – typically used for example in depilatory waxes.



Pollena Aroma® is one of the largest European fragrance producers, with a scent range counting tens of thousands of references, and also great perfume matching ability. Pollena Aroma® fragrances are used to manufacture perfumed wax blends for further conversion to decorative candles, depilatory waxes or cosmetic make-up.



Case Study

A depilatory wax formulation

Opportunity: Our customer was about to develop a high performance new formulation for a depilatory wax.


Cardboard coating?

For cardboard impregnation and coating the most common formulations include EVA, paraffins and PE waxes. SK high VA content Evatane® shows full range of the required high VA contents and fluidity. Polwax Paraffin waxes guarantee full standard range of very low viscosity.

High melting and harder Brasca ABpolwax PE waxes infer scratch and abrasion resistance. Upon request, Brasca may also develop for you a tailor-made, ready-to-use formulation in their pastillating equipment.


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