4clean: a superior purging agent for (transparent) PVC

March 2022

PVC, like offered from TPV Compound, is one of the most popular thermoplastics for transparent applications – especially for medical applications. For reasonable costs you get a material with a broad range of hardnesses. Therefore, you can use PVC in a variety of different applications from rigid packaging over bottles up to flexible tubes. Due to it´s comparable good chemical stability and inherent flame retardancy PVC is suitable for more demanding applications.


PVC has only one downside: it´s tendency to burn and produce black specs when left too long in the machine. This is mainly a problem after production breaks at weekends and especially for transparent applications. Ambra can offer you a tailor-made solution to this problem using 4clean materials.


4clean is available in 2 versions: a ready-to-use material called 4cleanmix and a pure purging agent called 4cleanpure, which can be blended in any polymer. 4clean products can be used in a broad temperature range. 4clean products are completely safe to use – 4clean grades are NSF certified, meaning your final product won´t release any harmful agent or substance.


Ambra offers you an on-site or live-web support to guarantee a perfect cleaning result of your expensive machinery. Contact your local Ambra team for further information.


*need PVC compounds? TPV Compound is a leading producer of PVC Compounds in Europe, thanks to more than 60 years of experience. LTP 8 is a transparent, tin stabilized PVC compound for flexible sheets.


And this is only one of the many possibilities TPV Compound can offer. Contact your local Ambra team for further information.



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