What is a purging compound?

February 2022

A purging compound is a plastic resin compound designed to clean all primary plastic machinery (injection molding machines, blow molding machines, extruders,…) when changing color, resin or simply to remove black specks or contaminations. The reason of buying a purging compound is to reduce the machine down time and/or improve the quality of your products, i.e. changing colour in an injection moulding or blow molding machine is very difficult if a purging compound is not used. In addition, a purging compound will help you to remove all plastic resin and all contamination from the barrels and screws, ensuring the purity and safety of your following product.

There are several purging compounds available on the market. Some of them are physical purging compounds, which are very abrasive and not very efficient. They do not dissolve the color - they only scrub the inside of your machinery, which will in the end result in ruining your equipment.

4cleanmix is a chemical purging compound and performs through a chemical reaction when melted.  Your equipment will not be damaged, as 4cleanmix contains no abrasives or solvents. 4cleanmix is completely safe to use since it has the EU’s Food Contact Certificate and is NSF registered, therefore the molded product can be in contact with food without releasing any harmful agent/substance. 4cleanmix is a ready-to-use solution for a variety of processes and plastics.

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