July 2022

New seal-peel resin for extrusion coating


LOTRYL® BESTPEEL 2008 is a seal/peel resin used as a top layer in order to provide the functions of heat sealability against PP, PS, PVC & PET and easy opening by interfacial peeling (adhesive failure). It exhibits a large sealing temperature window.

→ Easily processed using co-extrusion coating technology to produce multilayers structures that can be used as lids, directly or after lamination with other films. The material can be processed with standard polyolefin extrusion equipment. This easy peel resin can also be processed in blow and cast extrusion technologies. 


Ready-to-use seal-peel resin with an optimized additives formulation


  • Filament free die cutting
  • No additives deposit on equipment (embossing rollers, die cutting equipment, …)
  • Chill roll release in extrusion coating
  • No blocking and friction, which is harmful to machineability at all stages

Regulatory: EU & FDA approved for direct food contact


Additional features:  



  • Processability of an autoclave high pressure radical copolymer
  • Non-corrosive and highly processable resin
  • High thermal resistance of the resin



Sealing strengths against different substrates: PP, PS and APET

  • Initiation forces recorded using a 15 mm-width strip test
  • Sealing temperature: 130-180°C ; 1 sec; 4.5 bars


*looking for a film sample to test sealability against your substrate. Call your nearest Ambra office to receive a free sample!



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