Starex® ABS

Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) Virgin Resins and Compounds

Product Range

Starex® ABS has excellent impact strength, moldability and paintability, and is regarded as a very practical material thanks to its wide applications in various fields. In general, starex® ABS has modulus and heat resistance, and LOTTE Chemical offers a variety of ABS lineups depending on required features such as general purpose, extrusion, flame retardant, heat resistance, and plating/painting.





General Purpose ABS

starex® ABS, composed of AN, BD and SM, has excellent impact strength, chemical resistance and dimensional stability, and is applicable to various products such as electrical and electronic devices, stationery and toys.


Key Features

  • - Balance of properties
  • - High gloss
  • - Heat stability
  • - Processability



  • - TV
  • - Home appliances
  • - Toy
  • - Automotive
  • - Stationery



Extrusion ABS

starex® Extrusion ABS is most suitable for refrigerator liners and construction components. The plastic has good sheet extrusion stability, chemical resistance and vacuum moldability. starex® extrusion ABS for refrigerators especially is the world-class product with the biggest global market share.


Key Features

  • - Superb thin wall vacuum forming capability
  • - Gloss feature
  • - Impact Strength & tensile strength
  • - Chemical Resistance & crack resistance



  • - Refrigerator
  • - Construction & Pipe



Flame Retardant ABS

In addition to the typical features of general purpose ABS mentioned above, starex® Flame Retardant ABS is specially formulated to have the self-extinguishability making it much safer for the use in the electrical & electronic Applications complying with the UL 94 regulations, the most widely accepted fire safety standards. starex® Flame Retardant ABS is take its lead in the global market thanks to its excellent balance of mechanical properties and processability.


Key Features

  • - Heat stability & Processability
  • - Colorability
  • - Balance of properties



  • TV/Monitor
  • OA machine
  • Wiring device



Heat Resistant ABS

Although general purpose ABS has mechanical properties good enough for the practical use in terms of processability, impact strength, etc, its use is sometimes limited at high temperature due to the deformation of its molded products by heat. starex® High Heat Resistant ABS offers an attractive alternative to general purpose ABS and other engineering plastics making it suitable for the Applications designed for the use at high temperature.


Key Features

  • Low TVOC
  • Chemical Resistance
  • Heat resistance & Flowability



  • Automotive interior



Metal Plating/Painting ABS

In general, ABS is a suitable material for metal plating. In consideration of better productivity, however, the material should be more easily etched and have better adhesion strength. starex® Metal Plating ABS generates uniform anchor holes during the etching process and has excellent adhesion strength making it possible to achieve higher productivity and lower metal plating rejections.


Key Features

  • High adhesion strength
  • Excellent appearance
  • Dimensional stability
  • Chemical Resistance



  • Automotive /Bike exterior
  • TV
  • Lighting & Electrical


Starex® ABS Alloy, an outstanding high-performance solution for customers, offers an excellent selection of lineups such as transparent ABS, scratch resistance ABS and high impact ABS/GF.



Transparent ABS

starex® Transparent ABS is deliberately formulated to have an excellent balance of transparency, mechanical properties, and processability, making it suitable for the applications that need both transparency and good mechanical properties.


Key Features

  • Transparence
  • Excellent color consistency & Stability
  • Balance of properties



  • Washing machine, Vacuum cleaner, TV, Miscellaneous: Toy, Dispenser, Food containers



High Impact Strength ABS/GF

starex® ABS/GF, glass fiber reinforced ABS, features excellent flexural modulus, heat resistance, and dimensional stability. starex® ABS/GF is applicable to frames and precision parts that require high flexural modulus and dimensional stability.


Key Features

  • Impact Strength
  • Heat resistance
  • Dimensional stability



  • TV/Monitor, OA machine, Air conditioner fan, Automotive interior



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