Polycarbonate (PC), PC/ABS, PC/PBT Virgin Resins, Alloys and Compounds

Product Range

INFINO® transparent PC and INIFINO® diffusion PC are used for a wide range of applications thanks to their excellent impact strength, heat resistance, and optical/electrical stability.






Transparent PC

INFINO® Transparent PC resin features its outstanding optical clarity. Thanks to its superior flowability and thermal stability, INFINO® PC resin stays completely transparent without discoloration at elevated temperatures. LOTTE Chemical’ unique manufacturing technology to remove the low molecular weight oligomers made it possible to minimize the mold deposits during injection process. This advantage makes INFINO® Transparent PC most suitable for a wide variety of applications from small to large sized goods with complex design.


Key Features

  • - High flowability
  • - High transmittance
  • - UV resistance
  • - High impact strength
  • - Good processability
  • - Color Variation(Bluish, Greenish)



  • - Lighting: Automotive, Lighting lens, LGP, Building & Construction, CD, Optical lenses, Furniture




Light Diffusion PC

INFINO® Light Diffusion PC is a noble blend of LOTTE Chemical’ high quality PC and light diffuser. A wide range of light diffusion PC lineups are available for both injection molding and extrusion. A variety of colors based on the diffusion and transparency levels are also available.


Key Features

  • - Eco-friendly non-halogen flame retardant system
  • - High transparency & high degree of diffusion
  • - UV resistance
  • - Productivity & Durability



  • - LED/Conventional lighting lens cover


INFINO® PC and PC Alloy have separate lineups for various features, such as high impact, flame retardant, high flow and plating. These product lineups showcase excellent performance in each category and are widely used in E&E and automotive sectors.




High Impact PC & PC Alloy

INFINO® High Impact PC and PC Alloy, which come with not only good mechanical strength but also excellent chemical resistance, are widely used in small electrical and electronic devices such as digital cameras and mobile handsets.


Key Features

  • - Excellent impact strength after painting process
  • - Good processability & High flowability
  • - Good appearance : various surface treatments after Painting & depositions available
  • - Chemical Resistance : Cosmetics



  • - Mobile devices, Digital camera, OA machine




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