Arkema Functional Polyolefins become SK Functional Polymer (SKFP)

June 2020

Ambra will continue to distribute Evatane®, Lotryl®, Lotader®, Orevac®

The acquisition of the Arkema Functional Polyolefins (FPO) business by SK Global Chemical Co. (SKGC), a subsidiary of SK Group has been completed on June 1st, 2020.

SKGC created a new subsidiary - named SK Functional Polymer SAS (SKFP) - where all acquired assets in France are located. SKFP will operate the former FPO plants and keep similar organization and products. The acquisition includes Evatane® high-content EVA, Lotryl® and Lotryl® T high-content EMA and EBA, Bestpeel peelable resins, Lotader® and Orevac® T reactive polyolefin terpolymers, and Orevac® G maleic anhydride grafted polyolefins. Furthermore, the agreement also embodies the exclusive European commercialization of Evasin® EVOH, a product and trademark of the Taiwanese manufacturer Chang Chun (CCP) Group.

Ambra has recently extended their FPO distribution contract to France, Spain & Portugal, with the fully owned Ambra Polymères SAS (France) and Ambra Polímeros SL (Spain & Portugal) subsidiaries.

Ambra is now the sole official distributor of SKFP in the whole Europe, Turkey and Francophone Northern Africa.

“We have distributed Arkema FPO brands for over a decade”, says Dr. Danilo Santoro, CEO at Ambra, “and it was a story of strong partnership and brilliant successes. We are now enthusiastically embracing this next step in our collaboration. Together with the assets and organization, we are seeing that FPO is also transferring to SKFP solution-oriented mindset with focus on specialties and hi-tech applications – and SKGC is their most natural landing spot. We are looking at an exciting new era together with SKFP”.



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